Trusted supplier of furniture & decorating

Our products are used in different areas such as exterior and interior soundproofing but also as interior decorations in vehicles and furniture.

Examples of products are lamps, chairs and panels.

Moulded articles with excellent performance

Roofs and panels can be made with both textile and polyester fibre as a carrier. These can also be coated with a variety of surface materials according to customer requirements and can also be manufactured with sound-absorbing surfaces, if so desired.   Absorbents and heat shields are manufactured with good silencing properties, and they also have good heat resistance as they often sit around engines and gearboxes on different vehicles where high temperatures occur.   Disposals for engine gearboxes are made of PP glass material and these are best suited to prevent dirt penetration or to protect certain critical parts of a vehicle.

Examples of products are panels, rear shelves, heat shields, door sides and absorbers.