Injection Moulding

We are today producing injection moulded parts in plastics to customers all over the world. We have 6 injection molding machines between 400-700 tons clamping force shot weight between 1.5-3 kg, 5 120-250 tons 200-600g and 4 30-60 tons 50-120g shot weight all with robots and direct recycling of ingots (scrap). 4 of the machines are brand new!

Today we are working with all kinds of plastics such as PP, PA, ABS, POM, TPE and recycled.

Since we placed great emphasis on energy consumption already when planning the complete production plant, we have maximized the benefit of the supplied energy - through this we become enormously energy efficient. To be able to prove this, we have 40 measuring points for measuring the energy consumption in real time, in this way we can directly see energy thieves in the system and remove them.

We can give the customer a value on the CO2 footprint that their products create in our manufacturing and thus help them in their quest for sustainability. Furthermore, a low energy consumption is a way to be more affordable and enables lower prices even in the long term.

We also produce profiles in TPE by extrusion.

Injection moulding process video clip