National has been supplying products and solutions to the automotive industry since the 60´s. Over the years we have contributed to the industry with a great number of products for cars, buses, trucks and construction vehicles, always with a desire to create better and smarter solutions for our clients. National meets all the demands and certifications when it comes to IATF, quality, environment and logistics.

Product examples: Seals, hoses, insulators and absorbents.

Building industry

Our materials are designed to protect, seal, damp and insulate. These are the fundamental properties within the building industry. This is why the industry has chosen National Sweden as supplier since decades.

Examples on products are: Sealings, insulations, acoustic tiles. 

Construction Equipment


National Halmstad supplies absorbents and seals to many customers in the energy sector. Wind, solar, water and even nuclear power plants use our products, which contributes to a safe and stable energy production. Rubber seals from National Halmstad are extruded in EPDM, SBR and NBR. The advantages of the extruded seals, compared to cast seals, are in lower tool costs and more economical production methods.

Product Examples: The rubber profiles that keep the gaskets sealed on a hydroelectric power station.


The furniture industry is a pro-active industry with high demands for both function and design. Together with designers we are producing parts in several different materials, which are implemented into the furniture.

Sample of products

soundproofing exteriorly as well as interiorly
interior decorations and furniture such as lamps, acoustic walls and chairs


Products from National Halmstad are found in the entire industrial sector. From the smallest applications up to large industrial robots.
Product examples: Filters, packaging, seals or large injection molded plastic caps


Many of our products have a crucial function, which is never visible. This applies to many of our products for various infrastructure projects. Our products are used under roads, under rails, in tunnels and on bridges.

Our solutions protects, seals, damps and isolates.


Medical is our business sector for manufacturing of medical products. National Bredaryd offers a complete range of managed and contract manufacturing services from sterilization and packaging to extrusion of tubing, pipes and profiles, all produced in our clean room facilities.

Sample of products

extruded rods
spray pipes
tubes in a wide variety of thermoplastic materials in our cleanroom for the medical sector.


National Halmstad supplies seals and several other products for the transport industry, ie trains, buses, subways, etc. We work with materials that meet the requirements of EN 45545.

Product examples:
Door seals, window seals, insulators and absorbents.

Shipping / Off shore

We supply seals to the ship and offshore industry worldwide. Our seals withstand all the forces and strains required in these environments. So whether a boat is in the Caribbean or in the Arctic, our seals are tight.

Product Examples:
Door or door seals on container ships.