Rubust EPDM

The rubber compound of the future is spelled Rubust
Our lab team has developed an own and more environmentally friendly EPDM mixture called Rubust. Rubust is not just a specific EPDM mixture, but consists of a whole family of EPDM mixtures with different hardnesses and properties that are adapted to different applications/customers/processes.

The basic recipe in Rubust means a CO2 reduction of 35% compared to our traditional EPDM mixtures, which makes it stand in a class of its own from an environmental perspective. The building blocks of the recipe are the same throughout the Rubust family, but based on requests, we adjust the recipe to achieve the properties the customer desires. Welcome to contact us for more info and requests!

IVL The Swedish Environmental Institute has analyzed our rubber compound and their conclusion is that "producing Rubust EPDM instead of regular EPDM means a reduction in climate impact by 35%". The use of a partially bio-based EPDM but also the modification of the recipe contributes together to this reduction of climate impact.